Sold Properties in Black Canyon City from 08/01/15 to 03/17/16

  We all know how to sell a car; first we start by finding out what the value of the vehicle is. Thankfully for selling a car we have easy to find guides line like Kelley Blue Book, classified newspaper adds, Craigslist and so on. Once you have gathered all information it is easy to set a price for the vehicle that buyers will find enticing. However, when you are selling your home it is a completely different story. So many things to take into consideration. One of the items used to help … [Read more...]

The First and Most Crucial Step in Listing Your Home – Intelligent Pricing.

It seems lately I have had countless conversations with sellers about pricing their homes to sell. In order to achieve the correct marketing price you have to remember it is a fine balance of statistical evaluation and emotional response. Every seller wants the highest possible selling price that they can possibly get for their home and quite frankly that is my job as a listing agent. Pricing is crucial, if not the most important facet to being successful. Before I go on I want to give you the … [Read more...]